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01/2020 Meetings & Events

    January 2020
    Date Event Type
    January 15 January 2020 Chapter Meeting- Active Intruder Presented by Peru Police Dept. Meeting
    February 2020
    Date Event Type
    February 19 February 2020 Chapter Meeting- FMLA/ADA/Workers' Comp Meeting
    March 2020
    Date Event Type
    March 10 Board of Directors Meeting Meeting
    March 18 March 2020 Chapter Meeting- Anti-Harassment Training Meeting
    April 2020
    Date Event Type
    April 15 April 2020 Chapter Meeting- Retirement Plans for Small Businesses Meeting
    May 2020
    Date Event Type
    May 26 Critical Information for Employers as Employees Return to Work Meeting
    June 2020
    Date Event Type
    June 9 Board of Directors Meeting Meeting
    June 17 Developing Compensation Programs During Increased Minimum Wage Pressure Meeting
    July 2020
    Date Event Type
    July 15 July 2020- NO CHAPTER MEETING
    August 2020
    Date Event Type
    August 19 August 2020 Chapter Meeting- Sign & Symptoms of THC Intoxication Meeting
    August 21 COVID-19: Preparing Your Workplace for Fall’s Second Wave – and Then Some Meeting
    September 2020
    Date Event Type
    September 29 Board of Directors Meeting- Annual Strategic Planning Meeting
    October 2020
    Date Event Type
    October 7 Through the Looking Glass: Discrimination Meeting
    October 21 October 2020 Chapter Meeting- Annual Employment Law Update Meeting
    November 2020
    Date Event Type
    November 18 November 2020 Chapter Meeting- Diversity/ Social Injustice and Employee Morale Meeting
    December 2020
    Date Event Type
    December 8 Board of Directors Meeting Meeting